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I flew out of BWI last week - originally booked to ORD on mainline. Many months in advance, the equipment was changed to an E145 - this was on a Wednesday, not a Saturday.

I wasn't looking forward to the flight, but it was actually much more pleasant than my A320 connection to YVR that evening.

You just never know which flights on UA will be good - the UX crew was very capable, flight arrived early, and I had plenty of room in my single seat row.

On the A320, flight was packed, a number of difficult pax made life unpleasant for the crew and those around them, and the rampers couldn't get bags to match the manifest resulting in a 45 minute departure delay.

I knew when someone brought a 'personal support animal' on board - a big dog with no harness, vest, or other service attributes, that the flight was not going to be fun. After 5+ hours confined under a window seat, including the delay, fido left a present for the cleaners to deal with on arrival. I could not wait to get off that aircraft!

Moral: you just never know what to expect on United. After the sked change, I would have bet that the UX flight would have been less enjoyable than mainline that day, but I'd have been wrong!
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