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The $10,000 Bag

I had a good DYKWIA sighting the other day. I was on a late night flight from ATL -BHM arriving from a prior connection to the gate rather late. The plane was totally full and had started boarding Zone 1 or 2 or something; I really did not want to get on and have to wait in line in the jetway or even just have to sit on the plane any longer than necessary before departure, so I just stood around within sight of the gate door until I could be the last person on and hopefully I would board, they close the door and we leave. The agents then announce that the Overhead bins are full and that all bags would now need to be checked. I have a rollerboard, and resign myself that I may have to check it (so what??). Last flight into BHM, small airport, can't take THAT much longer to get it if I have to, so I really don't care..

Well dressed, 50ish man in front of me gets to ticket reader where he is told nicely "Sir, we are out of overhead space, we will need to check your bag". Man pitches complete hissy fit, face turning beet red and looking like he's about to have a coronary, while screaming how he's "one of their best customers, Sky Priority, blah blah, blah..." Says "I'm not checking THIS bag, it has $10,000 cash inside" (meanwhile I'm thinking "duh, why don't you have it all in $100 bills and in your pocket somewhere - easily done - 100 bills - no big deal at all.." I know, I've done it before personally..). They tell him to stand aside and wait until the very end which he does while still exclaiming and fuming.. Agent tells me same thing, I say "sure", she tags my bag and off I go carrying the bag down the jetway to the plane. I then get to the end and attendant says. "Bag space is full, but let me see what I can do just for you", and moves some stuff around and puts bag up. I guess I can call it the $10,000 spot LOL.. Not sure what ever happened to the man pitching the hissy though. hope I displaced both him and his bag totally- what a boob!

BTW - I did not make the upgrade on this flight, as it was so heavily booked and I think this time I was on a cheap ticket, so I was seated in coach for the 20-30 min flight. I also do NOT use any luggage tags that identify me as a Diamond or an elite of any kind, the FA did not see my boarding pass before she offered to take my bag and I was dressed down that day (not like a slob, just very casual and much more unique) - I don't look like a "typical" DM from what I have observed over the years (and like it that way.. ). That made it even more funny to me how that DYKWIA boob got his $10,000 bag displaced by someone who could have just been some kettle one time flyer for all anyone knew.. I just love to see people like that taken down a notch or two in their narcissistic world!

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