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Originally Posted by MANCHESTER View Post
Millions of adults would I agree, yet millions of 7 year olds would not be impressed with being separated from their parent on what can be a scary experience for a kid (flying that is). I assume you are not a parent and don't get this. They want a hand held and a reassuring look when it gets bumpy.
I've been a frequent flyer since the age of three weeks, when I first visited my paternal and maternal grandparents in different countries. By the time I was your kid's age, I was flying as an unaccompanied minor. So no, I never had any issues with being separated from my parents, they were not even on the plane. Obvioulsy I did not find it a scary experience in any other way either. I might as well confess that I flew First, which I took for granted, but I did think that getting the jumpseat for landing was really cool.

Having said all that, I do understand that you get all kinds of kids, and that some need the constant reassurance that only their parents can provide.

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