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Originally Posted by deekay38 View Post
I was doing that volume for my whole 6 mo, no problems. Have you been paying from a WF checking acct? My six months ends Thursday, ramped up in the last month and a half, I think the key is to always pay from a WF checking.
I've done as high as 150k/mo. Payments are instant from a WF checking account, and you CAN cycle the credit limit multiple times, but you have to wait for the charges to post first. What they don't like is people pre-paying more than the posted charges on the a way turning it into a debit card. This is what a CSR told me once.

With the new terms (excluding GCs from earning points) going into effect starting tomorrow, anyone with a sizable pending rewards balance would be wise to let off and let those points clear next statement. Even if their system doesn't flag GCs automatically, the new terms give them powers to shut down accounts and forfeit points, if they choose to do a manual review.
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