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First time in EY with infant - Our experience

First time in EY with our new born, though I flown umpteen times with other airlines its my first experience with infant,thus I ain't giving my opinion based on a comparison, but just this maiden experience.

Me and my wife were on a different itinerary, and with a 5 month old infant we always wanted a bassinet accessible seat. But after booking we realized that we cant pre-book those seats (did I miss something ), they can only take the request and the seats are on first come basis to the airport.Nevertheless I thought it should be okay as I planned to be in airport 3 hours before the flight.

Flight day : 1/1/2015

MAA-AUH-AMS is the route travelling in Y . At the airport by 0115 hrs for the 0450 flight. EY counter was not so busy, so our turn came up quickly. The check-in staff was a contracted staff ( my guess ), and also in her first week of job ( which she told ). She was very nervous since the person before us had an heated argument with her, dont know the reasons. The first thing I inquired was about the bassinet seats, to which her reply was she will request someone to open up the seats and in the mean time she asked to check-in our luggages. She insisted to check-in our hand luggage too, as we are with baby we took the things needed for her, everything else was checked through. She let few baggages check-in and then realised that she tagged some other passengers itinerary into our luggage . Reason she gave is the first 3 letters of my name prompted the other passengers name, and by mistake she printed that. The bags are already gone, and she looked completely helpless. Its already half hour gone in the check-in counter and my daughter was getting restless, the check-in staff spoke to her superior and then realized that they need to take my downstairs into the luggage storage area and I have to identify my luggage and then only they can re-tag it.

All these time I was insisting to make sure that Im getting the bassinet seats, her reply was seats are on hold, so no problem and when she actually check it, boom.. Its all gone by that time.... Okay, I tried to be calm and ask her to book the bassinet for my second flight. Another 15 minutes gone and she came up with an answer that only one seat is available and I have to sit behind separately. She said I need to sort out inflight.

Okay, tried already on the New Years day, dont want to spoil our mood. Tried to be cooperative by assisting them in luggage storage, and then into the flight without bassinet, and then there is fog during landing so arrived 2 hours delayed, thus the connection flight departure time is already passed by 45 mins. After landing there is no signs of EY staffs to help the transit passengers. I checked the flight status for our AMS flight, it said ''Last Call''. Okay, we hurried on our own, reached the gate. The 2 seater bassinet had another passenger and when I asked the EY pursuer whether she can help, reply was that I need to sort out on my own. The passenger in the other seat refused to change because he needs some leg space. He is flying AUH-AMS and he could book the bassinet seat who is travelling without a kid and the couple with kids couldn't book it in MAA because bassinet can be booked only 3 hours before flight, when the check-in for AUH-AMS opens in AUH, we are in mid-flight. My wife was reluctant to sit in the bassinet alone, as she would uncomfortable during feeding time, we flown again without bassinet. In the flight we saw all the bassinet seats was not used because it had children above 2 years. Just lame work done by EY..

Flight landed 2 hours delayed in AMS, and all our baggages didnt make it. It arrived 3 days later.

Its still New year day, and we had a party later in the evening ,so I tried my best not be get upset with all happened. I didnt bother to write up a complaint or anything, I just don't know whether it will be worth. Any advise ?

Positives : Seats were comfortable, much better than EK. Food was excellent. My daughter behaved like a charm, she slept the whole flight in our lap.
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