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Sitting in 4B yesterday on CRJ700, the first row of EC. Sitting next to me in 4A is young man (late teens, early 20's) in jeans and a hoodie, big headphones, etc.

Boarding is about done and along comes a DYKWIA non-rev DL flight attendant who begins to rip into him for being in her seat. She doesn't ask to see his boarding pass or suggest maybe there is some confusion. He's obviously not a frequent flier and it takes him a moment to figure out what's going since he was tuned out under the headphones. She continues to berate him and tell he needs to go see a GA to find out where he belongs.

At some point during all this accusatory and unprofessional ranting and raving, she mentions that SHE is in 5A, not him. That's when a uniformed, non-rev pilot seated across the aisle in 4C who has been witness to this points out to her that the young man is properly in 4A and that 5A is the empty seat behind him.

She mutters something about it not being the plane she thought it was (presumably thought she was boarding CRJ900, where the first row of EC is 5) and then moves along, not even trying to offer an apology.

Very lucky for her it was some novice kid and not me. She would have had a very different response from me during the incident, at her lack of apology, and with a nice follow up note to Delta with the details.

I guess pax aren't the only DYKWIA on DL.
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