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Originally Posted by Platy View Post
Undoubtedly useful info here and on the parent (commercial) site being promoted by this post.
Thanks, I flew that first A330BS (unfortunate abbreviation!) SYD-PER on New Year's Eve, glad to see my sacrifice appreciated.

Originally Posted by Platy View Post
However, this post really should clarify that the trip report and parent article was funded by Qantas by way of free business class travel worth approximately $2000 one way (as declared on the parent site post).
It does. See the bottom of my review, where it clearly says "David Flynn travelled on the inaugural Qantas Airbus A330 Business Suite flight as a guest of Qantas". This is a standard declaration which runs under all AusBT content derived from a trip where airfare was covered by a third party (e.g. an airline, Airbus or Boeing).

Originally Posted by Platy View Post
Assuming Qantas flew you back home a $4,000 kick back at least?
Not a 'kickback', which is defined as payment (specifically "a payment made to someone who has facilitated a transaction or appointment, especially illicitly", is one example). But yes, Qantas paid for me to fly directly back on the next PER-SYD redeye (old A330 seats, ouch!) after I flew SYD-PER on the A330BS.

Originally Posted by Platy View Post
Oh an try booking a frequent flyer flight onto the (ONE?) refitted aircraft...why not challenge Qantas on that issue rather than the blatant promo???
What on earth has that got to do with my review of the seat? I don't see the 'issue' here which you are asking somebody to champion.

Originally Posted by Platy View Post
As others (not me) have questioned on the national press version of this rehashed review, why not pay for yourself if you really aspire to independence?
PLATY, you clearly don't have a grasp on the realities of media - nobody gets rich doing this gig. There's no way I or any journalist could afford to buy our own airfares for reviews, especially when it comes to J and F travel. Ditto for attending lounge openings, Airbus & Boeing media briefings etc.

As it happens, I can accept paid tickets because I don't have to 'aspire' to independence I'm a professional journalist, so I'm trained to be independent, just like you've been trained to fulfil some necessary aspects of your profession. It's what my long and successful career has depended upon.
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