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I would love lifetime diamond status (been diamond about 10 years) but to be honest Diamond is not really respected much in the U.S. and I refuse to beg for upgrades. So except for the breakfast and an occasional lounge that takes care of diamonds I don't get to excited anymore.

Hilton really needs to change in the U.S. so that we start thinking of Diamond as a a real status upgrade. Hell some Hotel staff need me to tell them about the HHonors program when they see all my points and want to know what that means.
I burned through 75,000 points and a few hundred dollars to renew diamond this year. Since I do not value points very highly and do think breakfast and a few lounges can be worth more than $500 to my family over the year, it was an easy trade based on our travel plans.

It wasn't that long ago that 75,000 points would do us a lot of good where we like to travel. Now it won't pay for one room which goes for a very moderate cash price anyway because of the premium room scam. I also feel annoyed by the process of looking for good points value on leisure trips when I would rather look for good value and good location. The potential savings is not worth the aggravation.

Like other parts of the program, the delays and shortcomings and history of devaluation don't make lifetime status very desirable to me. I'd take it, but Hilton hasn't convinced me that it would have great long term value anyway.
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