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Originally Posted by CMK10 View Post
What do you suppose they'll give us first? The details for this, or an updated elite status tracker on the website?
Its always good to keep a proper perspective. It always amazes me how long this takes Hilton each year, pretty much every other travel provider has long since updated their status counter to roll back to zero at the start of the year.

Originally Posted by san888 View Post
I would love lifetime diamond status (been diamond about 10 years) but to be honest Diamond is not really respected much in the U.S. and I refuse to beg for upgrades. So except for the breakfast and an occasional lounge that takes care of diamonds I don't get to excited anymore.

Hilton really needs to change in the U.S. so that we start thinking of Diamond as a a real status upgrade. Hell some Hotel staff need me to tell them about the HHonors program when they see all my points and want to know what that means.

I may have commented this previously on the thread, but if they are doing Lifetime Diamond they really should do something to reward longtime Gold members who have earned gold the old fashioned way. This is a group that over the past few years has had its ranks overwhelmed by the credit card golds. I bring this up because I was going through a stack of old paperwork last night and came across an old room folio for an Hilton stay 10 years ago when I was Gold and while this may just be "good ole day thinking" it seems like Gold back then was equal or better to Diamond for me today.

On the employee recognition (full comprehension) of Diamond, my experiences so far at Hyatt Place as a Hyatt Diamond have been a lot worse than my stays at Hamptons over the years (which is odd considering the how good most of the upscale Hyatt brands are about Diamond relative to Hilton)
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