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Originally Posted by m0hamed View Post
Calm down. FTers would be naturally interested in the first real review of these seats.

AusBT is not like American based blogs that primarily benefit from credit card referrals. I don't know how you come to the conclusion that they are uncritical when they report issues and problems. I trust AusBT much more than the standard flight reports on SMH which are often riddled with inaccuracies.
I actually think Platy has a point here. Whilst AusBT has improved markedly over the years (especially since some previous journalists whom constantly told mis-truths or just plainly made stuff up have fortunately left), I think it is important that people be made aware of the commercial nature of such a review. It can be hard to be unbiased when someone else is paying for your trip, and the crew all know you are likely about to write up something about both the cabin as well as their behaviour. FT is important because most people writing reviews here are not paid to do so, so the level of potential bias is obviously less.

That said, I am still glad to have read djsflynn's comments regardless of the commercial dimension to his posts. I just feel it is worth highlighting that commercial dimension, especially when not everyone reading FT will be aware of it.
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