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Originally Posted by airb330 View Post
I'm supposed to have it until 2/2016! I got bumped to level 3. I think this is just a bug. I plan on emailing them. I do think that with Karma, we probably will be get bumped on 1-1 now so effectively we do lose out some time. I'll be happy just having IC until 2016 at least like they promised. I plan on emailing Ian and copying Susan or another Kimpton member who posts here.
I called and they told me that even though the email stated 2/2015, it was actually good until January 1, 2015. I like how they did it in a stealth manner until I booked a room and notice that I was not inner circle anymore.

When i called, I spoke to the same person who gave me the 2/2015 date. I was told that they made a decision in the summer when they rolled out the new rewards system that they would not honor the old date. I wish that they would just keep their word....
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