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ARCHIVE: AA Awards on Cathay Pacific (2015)

Just returned from HKG-JFK 840 last night....

Not a trip review but just some info:

Scored 2 first + 2 business seats
1 first opened about 4 days before trip
1 first opened 48 before trip
had all 4 of us in business well before flight....say 2 months

Quite an empty flight (new years eve) so plenty of business, seat map showed the "private" business section (between first and business lavs) with 6 seats as full....once on flight 1 was occupied and 5 empty, attendants approved my 2 daughters to move up to this private section to be close to us in first.

First had 4 people in it out of 6.
Up to day before travel Cathay website showed all 6 seats "x" out as not avail on it's seat map. But you could still purchase. ExpertFlier showed one "blocked" and one for premium use.("P")

Didn't try to call to get my girls up to First within the 24 hour mark (Had made enough calls by then!!!) so have no idea what AA showed after I got my second First class seat.

Upon check in at Cathay First class terminal asked lady "Anyway we can get our girls upgraded to first with us?" (16yr + 11yr) and she said: "Sorry we are actually in an oversold situation and nothing is available"....while maybe technically true at some level, clearly not true on many 2 First open and tons of business empty.

Took Thai First from MUC-BBK on a 747.....have great feelings about that cabin and its "feeling".

Cathay First was a bucket list goal (along with Thai First) and loved both...both have great "feelings" but different....

Cathay is more "regal" and expensive feeling and quality.....Thai was more intimate and cozy (seats next to each other in a smaller cabin) but Thai is dated a bit....that in itself does not make it less in the "feeling" category.

Just different airlines with a different First class nature.

Hope this helps.

PS I will add....when booking this trip for Dec 31 NEVER even thought about New Years eve....crossing the International Date Line was cool for me but really uneventful for the plane....99% of the plane was dark and asleep. I was only one up in First (and most of business + Econ) one flight attendant came over to me and mentioned 2015 and open ANOTHER bottle of Krug to go with my copious about of prior Krug and Johnnie Walker Blue....

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