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Originally Posted by lingzhou View Post
lol, now you are referring to the T&C. please count how many people in this thread buying gift card, also read the wiki of this thread see how many people are violating this T&C.

there might be a slightly better chance for small gift card charges got sneak in. is that the main reason, I really doubt.
Why are you trying to defend yourself against me/us? Chase turned you down. We didn't. We're just saying you should've played it safe. Defending yourself to us won't get your $300 reimbursed.

You made a mistake. Own up to it, and move on. We aren't trying to rag on you.

Also, I'm not quoting T&C by saying you violated it so you shouldn't get the credit. I'm saying you *are* violating T&C, as are most people on this thread, and so if you're going to violate something, at least be smart about it.

Originally Posted by TMM1982 View Post
lol .. not only is your incidental charge extremely large, it just happens to be for the exact amount of money that Chase Ritz reimburses. lol..

At the very least, you could have made it 298.95 or something. How you thought you would get away with a single $300 charge is quite frankly astounding.
Indeed. Again, the point is to make charges that are less likely to get questioned. I'd only ever have done the full $300 in one pop if it truly was an incidental charge that I could easily produce a receipt for.
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