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Originally Posted by lingzhou View Post
come one, You can easily pay for incidental for a group of 5~6 using your card, which is not unusual for family travel. in this thread, folks who bought $150 or $180 southwest egfitcard had no problem getting reimbursed, there are folks bought small gift cards got turn down. With so many people who just got the card and trying to take advantage of this perk in such a tight window, it caused chase's attention. I wish I could have requested it a couple of days ago.
lol .. not only is your incidental charge extremely large, it just happens to be for the exact amount of money that Chase Ritz reimburses. lol..

At the very least, you could have made it 298.95 or something. How you thought you would get away with a single $300 charge is quite frankly astounding.
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