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Originally Posted by percysmith View Post
(the $10,000 was a reference to HSBC Red Hot Travel Special 8 Apr-11 May)

Further problems yesterday.
I got to see my missus use the Fubon card in front of me. It's an old-style Fubon Plat Visa
The account is definitely OK - we checked out on her card with card reader.

Pharmacy in Sapporo station - magstripe reader only - Fubon Plat Visa no go. Missus paid with CCB.

The most interesting is gas station near CTS where we filled up our rental prior to return. Again magstripe reader only - missus' Fubon Plat Visa no go, but my *new* Fubon Plat MC worked.

I didn't plan to declare this month as a 8X month, I might need 8X for Christmas so missus did as many transactions as she could.

Also, on a side trip to Korea, my Fubon Plat MC worked with every card terminal used. Korea is magstripe only.
Grrr...I didn't experience this on my last trip but both new Fubon Plat Visa (my wife) and new Fubon Plat MasterCard (me) are fxcked in Japan magstripe terminals.

(My wife had her Visa replaced since our last trip. Both our cards are May 2014 or later)

Places where magstripe worked: supermarket in mall (cashier had to try more than once). Vans outlet.

Places where magstripe didn't work: 7-eleven in two locations in Hokkaido, airport restaurant

Used BEA Flyer World as fallback (BEA has better rate but there are some online transactions I may have to do).

I don't know whether to replace or not. Two cards to fail simultaneously - is there a fix or is this life with Fubon?
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