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Originally Posted by VegasGambler View Post
That sounds like they thought that it was already waived, not that they changed anything to waive it.

Maybe the offer that they thought you signed up through (which apparently does not match reality) includes a waived AF?

In other words, when they switch you to the 140k offer, it wouldn't suprise me if that included an annual fee.

But honestly this is all guesswork on my part since I have no clue what is going on. I didn't sign up for the card because the $300 credit is of no value to me and I don't really want to pay $400 for 140k pts. It's not a terrible deal but there are better ones out there (If I could get the 140k pts AND the waived AF I'd be all over it)
The $300 can be used to buy gift cards and if you don't intend to use them, you can actually sell those back out to a few websites for 75 to 80% of value. Since it's a calendar award, you cover your AF and then some. So you're basically getting the points for free (which potentially have a 2k+ worth) plus a little extra cash.
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