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Originally Posted by percysmith View Post
A Citi CS claimed to me last week that Citi will pass 0.8% on its Mastercards. But Citi CS advice are not worth the spit I spit out during the call.
Originally Posted by theworld View Post
Pretty much sums up HK's awesome consumer laws really. CCB clearly states in their terms that they will charge, but in reality they don't. Citi don't mention it in their charges, but in reality claim they charge. I guess with CCB they could without any warning start charging (as its clearly in their terms).

All citi says is the following:

"Note: Customers may sometimes be offered the option of settling foreign currency transactions in Hong Kong dollars outside of Hong Kong or with online merchants located overseas. Such an option is a direct arrangement offered by the overseas merchants and not the card issuer. In such cases, customers are reminded to ask the merchants for the foreign currency exchange rates and the percentage of handling fees to be applied before the transactions are entered into since settling foreign currency transactions in Hong Kong dollars may involve a cost higher than the foreign currency transaction handling fee."
Alright, we owe it to Citi to clarify they don't. On my Citi Prestige:

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