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Originally Posted by Lobachevsky View Post
I haven't heard of that working for ANYONE ELSE, and I've been following K-Mart billpay discussions in several different places for years. Can you do it again and write down exactly what has to be done to accomplish that, please? Thanks.
I dont typically do BP, so Ive only done it once (maybe twice?). I dont really have any future plans to do it again either. I have no idea how she did it, or even if she could do it again, let alone explain to me how she did it lol. I asked her if it could be done she goes "i dont know lets try something" pressed a bunch of things, scratched her head, pressed some more, typed in some codes, and voila. No idea what happened, she was a manager though, and can override things, maybe that helped? I really have no idea, I really only tried it because I was doing other kmart deals at the time, and now that that avenue is dead I probably will never step back into another kmart. ETA: If it wasnt a few months back, Id go find the receipt and see if I could deem any further knowledge, but an hour of my time isnt really worth it. Maybe she messed something up and it did something weird, I really dont know.

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