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Originally Posted by oliver2002 View Post
Especially weird when DoC just posted (on Dec 8) a step by step instruction on how to get the 100k by calling:
I republished that post actually, I originally posted it on April 8th but had a few readers notify me it was still working. I saw a post on TPG which was semi promoting the 40k offer (although they are using a broken link, so no affiliate commissions for them) which was originally why I republished it.

Didn't notice Gary's post until somebody linked to me in the comments and I started getting traffic from it. In defense of Gary, he's usually pretty good about linking to better offers. Certainly a lot better than some of the other bigger bloggers out there. He also links out regularly to smaller bloggers like myself so I do owe him a lot for that. I'd be surprised if he doesn't update the post/write a new one advertising the 100k offer.

Also thanks to flyertalk and in particular ukinny2000 for originally posting how to get the increased sign up bonus. The same method works for almost any AmEx business product and works on some personal products as well (especially if you have the POID).
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