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Originally Posted by teddy25 View Post
The T&C states "$10 coupon per giftcard purchase of $100 OR more". So a $500 card should only net a single $10 coupon.

Every other promo at cub has always been $25 and $50 Visa cards only. The coupon never printed out on the variable cards until late of last Sunday. It is a system glitch. There are way to many peoples calling the store about the "deal". They are catching on, a lot more stores require separate transactions now. There are no stated limits on number of transactions. I did couple of $80 trans tonight.

Also, the prior promos, you were able use the self checkout lanes without issues. I assume due to some abuse, the coupon now requires a override by an employee only.

I know someone who bought 25k when there were giving out $20 per $100 before Sunday.

What do you think is the odds we lose this ms ave by January?
Well, all my coupons are expiring 12/17 so the deal has to die before January Yes, I was't able to use my coupons in the self-checkout line. A clerk needed to keep overriding each coupon use. She then verified with her shift leader that each day the max coupons that could be redeemed were 5.
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