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Amazing MS opportunity at my local grocery store! $10 back for every $100 spent on GC

My local grocery store has this amazing deal going on right now for the holiday season. For every $100 spent on certain gift cards, you get $10 back! You would think that you'd only get one $10 coupon for one $500 gift card. Nope! They're going by purchase amount! So a $500 gift cards earns $50 in coupons.

They have variable load MasterCard gift cards with a $5.95 activation. I loaded 8 cards at $500 a piece for a grand total of $4,000. In return I received $400 in $10 coupons to spend on my next purchase!

I went to Walmart, liquidated the gift cards via BlueBird and then went back to the grocery store to do some shopping! I put $345 worth of merchandise on the conveyor belt, scanned the coupons and only paid $95 Saved $250!

Went back today and bought another $2,500 worth of gift cards to receive yet another $250 to spend at the grocery store! Man, this is like taking candy from a baby!

I bought more merchandise today. Total came to $208 and I only spent $50 of my own money.

What's the catch? I have to have the cashier turn off her light because the $10 coupons only work once per transaction. So once I scan a couple items and the total comes to $10.03, $10.75, $14, etc.. then I scan the coupon, pay the remaining balance and continue on.

Full article posted on my blog here.

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