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Speculation: Which comes first, spend-based mileage or devaluation?

Hi all,

I'm trying to plan a mileage strategy for 2015. There are two things that the new combined AA-US could do to make their frequent flier program less valuable for travelers like me: switch from granting miles based on miles flown to miles based on spending, and increase the number of miles required for awards or upgrades. Both of these changes have already been made on other carriers and discussed at great length in this forum.

My question for the FT community is, assuming that both of these unwelcome policies are likely to be implemented eventually, which is likely to happen first? If they switch to a spend-based system before devaluing existing miles, then I should buy all my tickets next year in cash, to maximize the number of miles in my account before I lose the opportunity to accumulate them with deep-discount long-haul fares. Conversely, if they devalue miles before switching to a spend-based system, then I should seek to empty out my account now and travel on awards whenever possible, since those miles will be able to buy less travel in the future than in the present. Which do you all think would be a superior approach and why?
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