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Originally Posted by FormallyKnownAs View Post
How is this not asking to be spoonfed? You're on a forum where people are offering valuable information for free. If you don't like the attitude, don't come here. Personally, I don't care about the attitude; if I say something stupid, I deserve it. However, if it helps me to gain some valuable insight into MS, its worth a little grief. No reply or just a simple thanks is more appropriate.
formallyknownas, i ask questions when I can't find answers after reading wikis or reading y'alls comments; has nothing to do with wanting to be spoonfed; when y'all expend effort fussin' or complainin' about the style/method/manner of posts -- it detracts from the substance and value of this forum; so stop it and focus on helping; all of us should help each other and focus in on MS, leaving all the personality behind; i know i'm violating this rule by responding to you right now, but may that be the last!!!
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