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Originally Posted by wanderlust84go View Post
Hello, I just came across this forum and am hoping to get a speedy response. I've tried looking through the original posts but can't seem to figure out an answer. Please help!

I am flying from Mildura, Australia to Seattle, Washington tomorrow. I've purchased two seperate tickets. My first ticket is Mildura to Honolulu via Quantas and Jetstar. I have a 2 hour layover, then fly a Alaska Airlines FROM honolulu to Seattle. What I am wondering is, Since I am changing itinerary, will I need to leave the secure area once I land in Honolulu, pick up my bags from baggage claim, go to ALASKA air and check in and recheck my baggage and then get through customs and security on top of that..or can I ask Quantas at check in in Mildura to check my bags all the way through to Seattle? I was told 2 hours would be sufficient time to get through customs, recheck baggage, get through security and get to my mainland flight. A bit nervous though. Sorry for being all over the place just need some guidance. Thanks a bunch
OK, sorry I couldn't provide more information earlier...

If you have checked baggage, I think you may have some issues getting on the 8:30am AS860 flight HNL-SEA. JQ3 is due to arrive at 6:40am, and as of the last week has pretty much been on time, give or take 10-15 minutes either way.

The last 2 times I have come of JQ3 (July & Sep this year) other flights from Japan and Korea had just arrived and whilst relatively efficient, the immigration process still took 15-25 minutes, then another 5 minutes before the baggage started to come through, then a quick stroll through customs. Meaning we were kerbside at around 7:30am.

This is also based on being in Business Class so we were the first off the aircraft.

I am not sure if Alaska have a different baggage check cut off for HNL, but based on other mainland airports, you have until 7:50am to have your bag checked.

As mentioned previously, I am also heading to Seattle, but going via LAX as I am meeting someone there, my flight leaves pretty much at the same time, but I have hand luggage only and am sitting in row 2 on JQ3 so plan to make a hasty exit through to immigration, plus the flight to LAX & SEA is in F class, so I have some flexibility if there are delays etc etc...

If you are travelling solo, send me a Private Message and I am more than happy to guest you into the First lounge at Sydney... can't do much for HNL but any help I can offer, even a jump in spot when waiting for immigration won't be a problem (if possible of course).

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