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Originally Posted by sechs View Post
Do your research. There's an entire other thread on using PINable prepaid debit cards.
I can honestly say I have read 40+ hours on MS and it does get confusing...I'll be reading one page and it talks about such and such so I open another page and start reading there, then find more info on yet another page, before long I have over 10 pages/tabs open in flyer talk taking me in all different directions and find out after reading months of info, that procedure does not work any longer, so close that page out and has to remember those that have been doing this for years know all the ins and outs and when they learned it was not as difficult to get the concept as there were not as many road blocks, thus when new info arrives they have to process just that new info...while the newbie's have to process all the info and so much of it is old, and it sure makes it mystifying on what is going on at the moment...

For instance, you just posted there is an entire thread using pinable prepaid debit cards, I put a number of different options to search that... i.e, pinable card, prepaid cards, pinable debit cards, etc and came up with 7 different threads...not in the mood to figure which one 'might' be the correct I have searched for the right threads for weeks now...Thanks for the feedback tho...take care
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