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Originally Posted by Mamibear View Post
I'm sorry to hear your first attempt to drain your SMVGC didn't go as planned buying MO. Be grateful for that 'dead' DC you have on hand that saved the day for you. It would have been a big issue if you tried to swipe the VGC and if you're not quick enough to press Change payment button, it'll definitely default to credit and she will probably call the manager on you. You did the right thing and didn't insist on doing another transaction. Cashiers who are already suspicious will make sure to look closely at cards you will swipe so it is best to avoid her at all cost next time you try.

I suggest you get either a BB or Serve card so you'll have a card to load VGCs.
hmmm...perhaps I didn't read enough...I thought the only payment they took was a debit card to purchase a money unsure how/why it would default to credit...geeze I think I need to read a whole lot more...thank you for the response and I agree, was very happy I had/have the 'dead' DC on hand, and the date on it shows it is good for another year...I should have it down pat by
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