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Yes but how did you buy your gift card? You still have those funds you need to pay back on your CC. With VGCs you either load to BB/Serve or use them to buy MOs or BP. In this case the funds you used on your VGC for the MO should have been used to pay off your CC. All you are doing actually is tacking more fees onto yourself with the extra MO fee because you still have that gap of funds that need to be paid back to the CC.

Simple example, you buy $500 VGC from a store using CC. You use that $500 VGC to buy $499.xx MO after fees. You pay rent with $499.xx MO. You still have a $500 balance on your CC that you need to pay back. How is this any different?
The differences is very clear. you will earn points or CB. Your idea was correct if BB didn't have monthly limit. Let say you have one BB and intend to just MS with that and also you have $500 monthly rent. After buying 10 gift cards and load to BB and pay back your CC, your are done for that month. Now for rent you have two option, first paying $500 directly from bank or pay $5 more for cost of money order + giftcard but instead earn for instance 1500 MR or 1500 DC points
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