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+10000000...when I first started MS, my cousin gave me the same pitch about how how MS allows you to essentially pay your mortgage and car payments by CC and earn 5%. I quickly found out that this wasn't necessarily true because if you use all your funds to pay your mortgage or car payments, then how are you going to pay for the huge CC bill. You would essentially use funds from your bank account to pay that off.

That is why the whole idea of BB checks are just crap. With the way BB checks are structured where the payee needs to call a number to get an authorization number and write it on the check to verify the payment is just odd and weird and there are too many stories of people using BB checks to pay rent resulting in missed payments and late fees. I much rather use the funds to pay back CCs and use bank checks to pay off mortgage and car payments than BB checks.
That is not correct if you can pay rent or mortgage with money order. For rent, I pay with money order bought with gift cards instead of direct bank check.
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