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Originally Posted by dukerau View Post
We get what you're doing. The question is: is it worth it for the time effort for the benefit you're getting? How much of this spend could you do with a Discover card through Evolve? 1% cash back, no fees, don't have to leave your house. Or get a 5% cash back card, buy $500 VGC at grocery/drug, load that to BB/Serve/Redbird and bill pay out. Now that's worth the effort.
dukerau, let me respond to your points. First, Evolve has a $1000 cap, so it's not convenient for large mortgages. Next, all my local grocery stores don't permit $500 VGC purchases w/ a CC. Cash only. Not sure about drugstores though. Now what cards offer 5% at drug/grocery stores? Not aware of any.

Now, what is worth the effort? Buying $500 VGCs instead of $200 VGCs? Please respond. Thank you!
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