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Originally Posted by mandolino View Post
I don't nickel and dime. I just don't pay for business class flights on demand.

We're not, as I made clear, talking about nickels and dimes, but thousands.

I've travelled more miles on longer flights than anyone I've hired and I don't buy their bluster that the work will somehow be $3000 better if I let them spend $3000 more on their flights and charge it back. They can have an extra day in a hotel if they're tired.
Then I'm really going to make you mad. Not only do I insist on business class on all foreign trips (which really is irrelevant because I always work outside the US - nature of my business) but I insist the client pay for 2 days at a hotel on arrival before I start working. I arrive Friday to start work on Monday and he has to cover the hotel starting Friday. He doesn't pay my daily rate, but all my expenses those days. Logic is that I need to "un-jet lag" before I show up on Monday.

Going out the client pays for Friday night the last week. If I want to stay after that, it's on my dime.

Now, to make this relevant to the OP, the business I consult for is international oil upstream. And there are buckets of money being thrown around in that business. So the travel policies can be pretty loose.
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