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Originally Posted by ttlmmky View Post
... Fraud told the banker that the reason it may or may not go through is that some people are putting large charges on the card "just for the points." I asked the banker how in the world they'd know one way or the other and that I buy these GC's for business purposes.

After I left the bank I went straight to Rite Aid and attempted a 2k transaction. Declined, of course, second swipe too. Get in the car, while driving, call to clear card again with CS. Go to another Rite Aid and attempt 1k. Decline x2.

Ain't this card lovely?
Apparently WF is not as stupid as AE who has finally started shutting people down who used the Old Blue Cash for $100,000/mo for years. I wouldn't be surprised if they are just watching you run around town and giggling about your next decline.

I got the card a week ago and nearly every transaction is another call to fraud. They have not made me go into a branch though thank god. They haven't yet asked what I'm buying but their desire to know is absolutely evident. I will say if you tell them it's for business purposes they may be able to shut you down right there. Not sure for this card but for many personal cards, it's in the terms, not for business use.

Good luck. I admire your perseverance. Keep it up until there is only one winner standing. Hopefully you.
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