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Originally Posted by coltonatx View Post
You missed the train, buddy. The T&C for this CC clearly states you're not eligible for the bonus with you have had any CCs with WF. It's strange, but that's why I have not applied for this particular product.
Opposite for me as well. Got both. Got Propel, met promo, got the bonus $400 + $100 airline credit via paper checks and deposited at BofA. Applied for WF cash back card a few weeks ago (about 3 months after applying for the Propel). I was concerned because nowhere in my documents I received did it state I was eligible for 5%. I called, rep said you will get 5%. Also learned, if you go to the Rewards section tied to your account it actually tells you the % you are eligible for and the date your promo ends. Seeing that on-line was great.

Same day I got the card, charged around $1,000 at a supermarket before statement closed 3 days later. Quick stmt closing. The $50 posted as a reward. A couple days later I received a marketing flyer in the mail confirming the 5% for 6 mo.

I have no checking acct with WF, but I do have an HSA account, very little in it, like $1,000. Maybe that helped, not sure. So just the 2 credit cards and the HSA. Anyway, for what it's worth.

...oh and another thing, the fraud alerts are constant. I am always speaking to reps. No one has asked me what I am buying, but I can tell they are itching to know. I call the automated robot # first, but 1/2 the time it says it must transfer me to flesh and blood.
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