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Inauspicious start with this card to say the least.
Last night:
1) Made a few small purchases - gas, trader joes, and the like
2) Tried a $1000 at Rite Aid declined. Called in and got the go ahead
3) $1000 at Target approved. Subsequent $500 at same Target rejected. Called again and got the go ahead
This morning:
4) Went back to same Target, called fraud dept, planning on them being on the line with me as I tried transaction. Instead, fraud told me to go to a bank and have banker call. $1000 at Target naturally rejected.
5) Went to branch and got a banker to call. Banker said I'll call CS and you only call fraud if you're disputing a charge. CS cleared me to continue.
6) Tried $1000 at Rite Aid. Declined. Called CS. CS transferred me to Fraud. Fraud said go to bank and have banker call us. "But I already did that". "But they didn't call us, they called CS". I had fraud on the line as I attempted the $1000 charge. Nothing fraud could do without having a banker call them first. They even asked me the usual multiple choice questions about car loans and mortgages and such.
7) I called the banker I dealt with earlier. He and I agreed to teleconference into fraud. Fraud admonished banker while I was on the line that his credentials will not be accepted on a 3 way. So I'm stuck having to go back to the branch.

All this for a measly $1,000 purchase? How often will I have to repeat these steps?
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