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Earlier this year I was on a 757 ATL-DEN in the second row of EC. I should add that my wife (no status) was on the same PNR so an upgrade wasn't happening—and she had to bail on the trip last minute due to her aunt falling sick out of nowhere. It was a mad dash to the 'port after dropping my wife off at the hospital and canceling her ticket (after we had both checked in the day before—knowing what I know now, I would have had DL uncheck me in and rechecked in so I could have a shot at the upgrade).

ANYWAY, so I board the 757-200 (75X I believe) and I see this guy giving his daughter instructions, "come get me if there's any problems" and then he bolts up to FC. Well, she's sitting in my seat in EC (21C). So I go to my seat and tell the girl that's my assigned seat, and she says "I'm sitting in the Exit Row in 27B and I can't because I'm only 13, will you trade with me?" Sigh.

Now, I usually would be more of a gentleman about this, but I did get a glimpse at the slimeball that put her in this predicament and bailed to FC. "Go get your Dad, please" I said, and took my seat immediately when she got up. Guy returns back to the Y cabin with his daughter and immediately starts putting the used car salesman vibe on me—"hey, got a seat back in the Exit Row, best seat on the plane!" I responded that I wasn't interested, I don't want to be in a middle seat, and he might have better luck with someone who isn't seated in EC. And, it was early in the boarding process, so maybe he could try someone else. I'd like to be left alone.

Guy wouldn't relent. "Come on pal, I'm telling you, best seat on the plane. Make this easy on us." After a minute of this, I was a bit irritated (mostly because I was in no mood for these antics after dealing with my wife's situation). He brought up the fact that he was Medallion (oh, DYKWIA?) and travelled on this jet ALL the time, and that's the seat he prefers. I finally snapped after a little too much guilt-tripping, and said, "then go sit in your favorite seat and send your daughter up to First Class."

By this time, an FA had noticed the commotion and made her way over to us. He cut it out a bit, but was mumbling how much of an _______ I was for not helping them out. I can just see this worm booking them both in an Exit Row—knowing she wouldn't be able to (legally) sit there, then splitting the PNR so he could grab a possible upgrade and ditch his daughter back in coach, and then make someone feel bad about not falling into his plan. The FA ended up helping the girl. A young woman sitting just behind the Exit Row traded with her, and everything was pleasant... until I had to stand right next to that man and his daughter at the ski/snowboard carousel at DEN, and then on the Hertz bus. You could cut the tension with a knife. Guy was a total worm.
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