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Originally Posted by kanebear View Post
I went from an HTC M8 to an Oppo Find 7a to the OPO. For the money, the OnePlus is an incredible phone but it's NOT perfect. Solidly built, great screen, very good camera (noisy in low light through), and CyanogenMod is very good.

That said? Some frustrations and quirks. The screen will occasionally unlock itself. I've taken the phone out of my pocket to find the flash/torch blazing away. I've had issues with keeping data/wifi connections and have had to reboot somewhat frequently. The phone will hang at times while entering text for a search. it comes back but it's still frustrating. The big one for me though is voice quality. It's not very good. I'm sure it's a firmware fix and/or there's other modems I can load. I just haven't taken time yet. But callers have a harmonic to their voice that makes them sound far deeper voiced than they should. This is disturbing when it comes to women callers! The Find 7a is almost identical in hardware but does not exhibit this problem. But for the price? Unbeatable.
I had some problems with the torch too. There are a couple gestures built into the phone, if you draw a V it will turn on the torch, if you draw a circle, the camera starts. I'm pretty sure I somehow was doing those gestures which would turn it on. I suspect you can turn them off, just haven't figured out how.

I got my Sandstone 64GB on Friday. I'm trying it out while also still not wanting to let go of my windows phone. Overall it seems like a great phone. There definitely some things about Android I just don't get though

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