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Originally Posted by blue2002 View Post
How on earth would you expect this to work? The law of the country is the law of the country. This would be no different than his parents issuing an explicit authorization (or demand, as you say... sheesh...) to their chauffeur to drive 50 over the speed limit. As an authorization it would be meaningless, i.e. the chauffeur, if caught, would still be legally responsible. As a "demand", it could actually border on illegal.
I think you are missing the point. I was not advocating that he/his parents encourage EK to break any laws. Some have recommended he write a letter... and my point was that a parent giving an authorization might be effective (and as I noted, "a long shot").

In any case, EK not letting someone under 18 into their airport lounge unaccompanied is not a matter of law, but rather a policy.

The legal age to enter a bar in the UAE is 21, not 18, anyway.
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