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Originally Posted by Mats View Post
Here in Seattle, the PreCheck WTMDs are clearly calibrated at a much more sensitive level. I have a pair of timberlands with not the slightest identifiable bit of metal, but they set off the PreCheck WTMD. So I now carry "PreCheck Shoes." It's better than being barefoot. I wear running shoes now.
The metal detector at the Precheck lane in IAH Terminal A is extremely sensitive, with my belt (leather, metal buckle but not big) and shoes (leather dress shoes) setting it off. Both go into the X-ray. It's fun when I have to go through there because people see me in the precheck lane and assume I'm somebody who got diverted into the lane and doesn't have a clue (two laptops so one needs to go in a bin, plus the shoes and belt being taken off).

None of the other terminals (in my experience, although it's mainly been terminal C) at IAH, nor any other airport with Precheck I've been to, are sensitive enough for those same items to set them off.
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