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It seems that my posts have been awfully misconstrued, which has created quite a bad impression of myself. I am not (and do not intend to be) flippant towards EK staff whatsoever, and I apologise if my post(s) have seemed that way.

I'm sure that you would feel the same way should you be in my situation. The rule should be lowered to, at most, 16, as that is the age at which I feel it is acceptable to be allowed entry on your own and to be able to care for yourself. Of course this is debatable, and that others may have opinions which differ from my own. I feel that continually denying access to a sixteen year old with no justification was rather unfair, as other airlines (and outstation lounges) do not do this.

You could only know how annoying it is after being in the same situation.

Perhaps EK could be more accommodating as well, and allow me just a shower, as that is what I want so awfully. Is it so awful to desire a nice, hot shower after spending 15-hours on a plane? This also benefits the passengers around me, if you know what I mean.

Consider this my last complaint about EK, as they are clearly not taken well and constructively. I assumed that EK would like to cater for every customer, but it seems that they only care for those over eighteen. I also would like to honestly apologise for my unnecessary whining, which I accept responsibility for and thank you for pointing out. I understand why this would be annoying, especially on a forum of this stature.

I, however, resist the implication that I get what I want and that I circumvent my way around rules. Hear me loud and clearly please - I made my OWN money. What is in my bank account was made by me. Only me. I worked enterprisingly and made myself something from a relarively young age. Whatever my parents may have did not affect what I made. Myself.

I follow rules religiously. It is honestly just this rule that I really do not enjoy.

I will, in the future, find more legal ways of entry into the lounge, and I thank everybody for their constructive criticism.
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