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Originally Posted by Wan1dap View Post
Ahmed, I would give up while you're (just) ahead. You obviously live a pretty privileged life, but your constant whining about inconsequential issues rubs me up the wrong way, and I don't believe I'm alone. The reference to the bribe (which you appear to pass off as normal for a person of your extraction) is particularly concerning, especially coming from a teenager. As is the condescending tone you adopt in reference to EK staff. Take some time to consider your behaviours: some adjustment might see some of these issues you raise, fade away.

I know this post will seem judgmental : it is intended that way.
I feel pretty sure you are indeed NOT alone Wan1dap, and from a quick scan of various comments on this thread (and similar, past threads), I get the distinct impression that your comments encapsulate the thoughts of many others here.

Language from the OP such as "I refuse to give up on this" and "I demand a shower" reflect a perspective on life that says ...... because I am privileged and already enjoy the trappings that come from my healthy bank account even at 16, then the rules which apply to everyone else should obviously not apply to me

Such an attitude is never a pleasant trait to see in a person of ANY age - let alone a teenager. It's interesting that the OP seems unwilling to simply respect the policy, and its consistent application by any number of EK staff across the various DXB lounges. The incident where he appears to have circumvented these access rules by means of a bribe is especially concerning - not least the fact that, when challenged by others, the practice is then justified by the OP as being normal/acceptable behaviour, with all the implications that this has for later adult life.

But, more than anything, it is - as Wan1dap says - this pattern of constant whining that has become tiresome, along with a general attitude that the world and its citizens must always bend to my sense of priorities & requirements, rather than the other way round.
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