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Originally Posted by jackiedada View Post
You definitely have money to throw . Besides, that borders on being a 'bribe' and not a tip - she could have lost her job had someone seen it....
It was a half-bribe half-tip.

I am of Arab ethnicity. What do you expect...

Originally Posted by Lux View Post
Regardless of the OP's age I'm going to have to pick up on this use of 'dragon'. It's not on, and if that's the attitude you take with you then you will be denied access. Being nice to people generally gets better results.

I've been to a <lot> of airport lounges in the past 20 years, and met my share of unhappy or inflexible staff, but Emirates lounge agents are consistently friendly and helpful. So - please, no derogatory language. Harry Potter references do not justify it.
I did not mean the term in a derogatory manner. I was merely using a common name for the agents that is used throughout the fora, as Dave stated.

I apologise if I have offended anyone.

Originally Posted by Dave Noble View Post
The use of term "dragon" as a term for a lounge agent has been being used by numerous people on the fora and seems quite unreasonable to pick on this person using the term; searching around and will find lots of posts referring to agents as such

Originally Posted by ft101 View Post
A quick look indicates this gives you Priority Pass Lounge Access.

Why not use this in DXB?
I had no idea that my bank provided me with this! I know I get access to Preier Lounges within SA, but had no idea it reached internationally.

What lounge is it? Is it the EK lounge or another?

Originally Posted by stacer11 View Post
I just had enough time to kill, did a check run on the OP's other posts. With the instincts which I use for my job I truly believe that the OP writes some good screenplays. He/she ran into one two many ''odd'' situations, its ring a bell, atleast to me. Am I the only one ?

Blame it on the nature of my work.. Ha ha..!
Surely if one travels as much as one does, then it is just natural to run into odd situations on some flights?

Why would I post about the ordinary?

Originally Posted by Lux View Post
I've been on FT for 13 years so I do know this. And I disagree with you on this point: just because a word is used a lot doesn't mean it's right, particularly when it's referring to people doing their job. Any study of rap lyrics will reveal that
Again, I apologise if I have offended anybody with the use of the term "dragon."

It is commonly used and is not meant, in any way, to be derogatory.

My reason for the initial post was to highlight what I found to be a rather annoying part of flying EK. It was mainly to vent, as well as to hear others opinions into the matter, as well as advice on how to continue.

I thank those who have provided constructive ideas that could possibly help, like emailing them in advance or leaving my passport with them.

I would not like to use the shower in the terminal for many reasons:
- It is generally not the cleanest of showers. I know that there is an attendant, but there is a lingering smell I found when I used it previously.
- They do not provide amenities.
- They do not provide a towel.
- There is no hairdryer (I need this).
- There is nowhere to shave and brush teeth with privacy.
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