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Originally Posted by Dave Noble View Post
They are not that clearly stated since they do not state which are the locations where local licensing laws prohibit lounge access to those of age 16

If it applied to EK's hub , I would have expected it to have been more explicit

It may well be that this is the case in Dubai, but even so , it sounds like the lounge agent could have been clearer at explaining it

to the OP, when contacting EK about the incident did the representative mention an age restriction?
Yes, they said that it was 18. They did not offer an explanation why. If it were to do with alcohol, I am Muslim and do not drink.

Originally Posted by pomkiwi View Post
Perhaps the fact that you are referring to the supervisor variously as 'dragon' and 'girl' might make your task more difficult - especially if any of that viewpoint was obvious to her?
I am always very nice to all airport staff. The word "dragon" is used here quite a lot to describe the lounge staff. I certainly don't have a liking to the woman, but I feel that I am quite polite in the way I handle myself. The only time I was frustrated was at the F lounge employees, who were quite rude to me.

Elixir, I'm sure, is a wonderful lady. I just don't like the fact that she stands between me and the sanctuary of the lounge.

Originally Posted by subject2load View Post
I do sympathise, but the fact is that your Skywards status or travel class is not the issue here. You are asking the lounge supervisors to break the rule relating to age & alcohol : "Due to local licensing laws, lounge access may not be available to unaccompanied minors and young passengers"

I'm not saying the rules are right or wrong ; but they are what they are, and they have been clearly stated.

Given what Emirates202 relates re his/her friend's son, it seems that your appearance might unfortunately go against you....? And for the lounge staff to say "I have to ask you to kindly leave the lounge" I wonder were you perhaps a little over-insistent in demanding access when the staff are acting within their rights to deny it ....?
But they are not clearly stated. Have you ever seen a sign that states this? Or anything on the website that is easily found?

Why does appearance matter? Surely, at least in my view, everyone should be treated the same way. I don't feel that I was overly insistent on getting access. Maybe I was. I had just got off a 15-hour in Y. You know the feeling.

That shower was necessary... I know the UM lounge too well
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