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Tips on how to convince a lounge dragon...

How do I convince a lounge dragon to let me in the J lounge in DXB when I have Gold status on yours and your partner airline and am goddamn flying J, but am sixteen.

I was denied F lounge access with an F BP and Gold status too.

"Hi" I say walking in happily.
"Sir, the bathrooms are located down the lift, to the left" she says matter-of-factly.
"Thanks, but I intend on using the ones in the lounge" I say presenting my BP, which also says Gold on it.
"I need to speak with my supervisor," she says. Then scurries off into the office and returns with her supervisor.
"Sorry, I see your status and class of travel, but I cannot allow you into the lounge"
"Why!? You do realize I just got off a 15-hour flight from SFO?"
"Yes, I do understand your situation. If you want, I can escort you to the UM lougne where you can sleep"
"I don't want sleep. I want a shower and food." I say, clearly rather upset.
"Unfortunately that is not allowed in Dubai. I have to ask you to kindly leave the lounge, and my colleague will escort you to the UM lounge where you can relax."

I got 1,000 miles for her rudeness. I would have preferred the shower.

I've tried it all, from putting on my best DYKWIA (yes, at 16 ), to trying to sweet-talk the nice agent, to pretending that my parents were inside. It never works. Ever.

Okay, I lie, it worked once. That lady was so sweet. And the $50 bill thrust in her hands when I walked in was well spent.

I am friggin-16. I will not do anything to your lounge, I swear.

I refuse to give up on this. I demand a shower and some VOSS, as well as boarding without the ridiculous queues downstairs.

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