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Originally Posted by Profchemnerd View Post
Would have been interesting to see if he asked them to turn the plane around and bring it back to the gate for him :P
I actually encountered this situation last summer in the airport in Mexico City.

We were waiting on our flight home, and the flight before ours had just pushed back, and they were unhooking the tug from the plane.

Suddenly, this young hot blonde (late 20's maybe), who I will call YHB, comes strolling (literally) up to the gate and hands her passport & boarding pass to the GA. He says "I've been paging you for the past 30 minutes. Where have you been?" YHB said that she had been shopping in the airport, and didn't hear the page.

He replied that the flight was closed, and that she would have to standby for a later flight. YHB bursts into tears, and asked the GA where her husband was. The GA replied "on the plane, and he says to tell you he would catch up with you in Atlanta".

Yes, the guy left her behind in the airport in Mexico City. My initial thought was "she may be really hot, but somewhere someone is tired up putting up with her _ _ it".

She said can't someone just drive me out to the plane, and let me get on? The GA replied how to expect us to get you up to the door?

YHB then asks when the next available flight to ATL is, and the GA says in two hours but it's totally full, and that she may have to wait until the next day to fly home.

My wife and I went to Chili's to eat lunch, and YHB walks into the bar and sits down to order a drink. At this point, she's got mascara running all down her face. She's on the phone with someone telling them that her husband left her behind in the airport in MEX.

Our rally call since has been "no matter how bad the trip may be, I'll never leave you behind in the airport in Mexico City".
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