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Diamond makes a a** of self - other Diamonds defend DL staff

I was in line at a busy airport on Thursday and someone approaches the DL line and is screaming into his phone (I guess to DL Res). He is saying that he is late to the airport and DEMANDS DL process him ASAP because he is Diamond and is one of the "high elites". He is screaming. He goes on to state that without him DL would be out of business.

I was next to be called to the desk, he was about 4 people behind me. He continued screaming into his phone "Diamond, Diamond" - you understand I am "Diamond". I approach the counter and am greeted by a great agent. She handles everything for me to get me onto my flt.

As I am still at the counter, 3 or 4 other Diamond's tell him to shut the F-up, you are making a complete fool of yourself. One person tells the guy quit yelling on the phone to someone in ATL/SLC, etc. A red coat arrives to address the guy and looks at his reservation/ticket. He is scheduled to depart in 10 mins. This airport has a 45 min cut off time. He has two bags to check in.

One passenger told him to get a grip. He stated he just made Diamond on DL and without him and his "spend" this airline would go broke next week. At that point - everyone in the area busted out laughing. 3 DM's spoke up - telling him how many miles they have flown and how the agents at this airport are some of the finest that work for DL. This guy was a complete a-hole.

I am not listing the airport for a reason. If this gent (Diamond) is reading this, you know who you are. Class act!

I'm glad the other Diamonds put you in your place. ^

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