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Originally Posted by aegistar View Post
Definitely agree with what you've said. Hardware mining is near impossible to ROI right now. However, GAW is innovating. They have products called hashlets which is essentially a share of a miner that they host. These cost a lot less. You can get a ZenHashlet for $20 so you can definitely start slow.

Also part of the strategy for this MS is to not hold onto your hashlet. GAW also has a built in market where you can sell hashlets to other users. The idea is to buy hashlets, mine to cover any transaction fees then sell the hashlet to obtain the rest in BTC. Then convert BTC to fiat to complete cycle.
Help me understand. GAW Miner Zen Hashlet costs you $19.95 for a 1 MH/s machine. The nice thing is that you don't need to get it shipped, and it starts making you money right away. Plus, you don't convert your home into a heat desert.

But plugging the numbers in a BTC profitability calculator yields no return at that price. I'm using the current difficulty of 35 Billion, and $0 cost for electricity (you said there are maintenance costs, which I didn't add).

The results are super bad. It takes 3.5 million days to get your money back! I must be doing something wrong because otherwise this products would not even exists. Here is my inputs on the Bitcoin profitability calculator, and the results below:

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