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Originally Posted by Mamibear View Post
check the wiki, you'll find the answers there.
Sorry to disagree, but... I disagree. I found VR in the wiki (Vanilla Reload, BostonFlyer1624), but MP is just called out as "Mileage Plus - United's name for their frequent flyer program", which makes no sense in this context. Through guesswork I suspect it means MoneyPak.

WM/FD aren't in there at all, but I think they refer to WallMart / Family Dollar, places where you can (or could?) buy loadable cards.

It grinds my gears when people just say "check the wiki, dummy!" but the wiki doesn't have most of these acronyms people toss around. I'd update it, but I'm new here, so what do I know.

Originally Posted by abbazappaplant View Post
so is the trend at the moment, Visa is problematic and Mastercard looks to be somewhat working, but with changed transaction coding? And chase is still safe?
Can't speak to the last part about Chase, but yes, the other aspects you've called out as "the trend" seem to hold.
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