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Originally Posted by daslax View Post
Ugh, think I made a mistake signing up my partner for SoftServe. Went through all the right steps via the phone app, but I also ordered a sub account from my own account a few days later. The sub account card arrived first and I just activated that card on the SoftServe account. It allowed me to do it and is now showing the standard Serve limits. Didn't even notice that it didn't have the SoftCard logo on the card. Do I have any options to fix this? Will Serve remove the card from the account and allow the SoftCard to be activated when it arrives?
Ouch. Not sure what your options are, but keep us updated. By the way, the load limits displayed on my SoftServe account are the normal Serve limits, but I'm allowed to load up to the $500 per day. Try it and find out.
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