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Out of curiosity, I wanted to see if my decision not to spend $13,000 + shipping on a KNC Nepture rig back in March was a good one. I updated my sheet with actual (not predicted) difficulty numbers and actual BTC to USD price. The results says that I had to get the equipment right on the first week of March to squeak a small profit of $14,458-$12,995 = $1,463. This, assuming the rig was running 24 hours all the time.

Since this equipment was being shipped from Europe, I doubt I would have got the equipment on the first week of March. My guess, I would have got the equipment at the beginning of April, and would have lost about $4-$5k in this adventure.

This exercise shows me that these ASIC rigs are priced at almost breakeven point. After all, why would these companies sell them for less than what they themselves could make by mining BTC?

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