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Originally Posted by senthilv123 View Post
Called Serve and BOFA on the cash advances. Below are updates from them. should I open a dispute on these transactions with BOFA?

Update from BOFA: Serve is keying the transaction as a cash advance and they have no control over that but previous transactions were coded as normal purchases. The merchant is suppose to notify the customer if they are keying the transaction as a cash advance. If they have not notified, they can open a dispute on the transactions

Update from Serve: They do not know how the transaction is coded as a “purchase” or a “cash advance” and that is up to the bank or credit card. There were recent system changes which might have changed on how they key these transactions. But they can't do anything about it.
From the Serve "Add Money - Review" page:

Cash advance fees for credit card loads may apply; please check with your credit card issuer for details.

You were notified. Your only case is that Serve closed the loophole you were exploiting. File it under "bummer" and move on.
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