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Originally Posted by MisterEdF View Post
You can share the physical CASE but unless you have a different special encrypted MicroSD for each user in the case, NO. It is highly unlikely you can purchase a NEW microSD for the case. I tried, no on would sell it. ATT said call INCASE, INCASE said call ATT.

The physical case itself isn't the problem, it's the microSD card encrypted to your phone ***AND*** (PLUS) the special "isis ATT/VZW or TMO SIM" IN YOUR PHONE. 2 different things, ISIS SIM for iPhone and the encrypted microSD attached to your account in your case. Don't buy a USED on, it won't work (I wasted $50 on 2 used cases).

Also, you now have to charge your phone with a standard microUSB cable. The iPhone cables no longer work.
Thanks for the details. Much appreciated.
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